Product description

Chester Surface Protector BHT is a thixotropic material contains fillers in the form of small corundum balls. Coating material for the protection, repair or modification of surfaces exposed to particularly high abrasion and erosion at elevated temperatures.

Examples of recommended applications:

  • protection of flue gas separators
  • protection of cyclones
  • pumps protection.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Mixing ratio: (Base : Reactor) by weight / by volume3:1 / entire package
Working life (at 20°C)40 min
Shear strength for steel (ISO 4587)22,0 MPa
Full chemical resistance (at 20°C)after 7 days
Maximum working temperature210°C
Density1,6±0,1 g/cm³
Package size1 kg

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