CHESTER materials for repair and rebuilding are two-part epoxy composites for metal repair and resurfacing. Chemically curing products designed to the repairing, rebuilding, protection of parts made of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.

The use of epoxy repair materials is an economical alternative to welding, surfacing, etc. during repairs related to the reconstruction of the shape and in protecting the surface against the effects of adverse and aggressive external factors.

Chester Molecular offers a full line of two-component epoxy repair products that can solve almost any problem related to surface protection and the repair of worn metal parts.

Composite materials produced by Chester Molecular have very high strength parameters and high chemical resistance. They are very easy to mix and apply, they have excellent adhesion to metals and concrete, they do not shrink, expand or distort during curing. Thanks to their flexibility, they adapt to cooperating elements, which translates into reduction of unit pressures in many structural nodes and applications. They feature outstanding corrosion resistance and low erosive wear even in highly abrasive environments. In many applications, the abrasion resistance of the composite is greater than that of steel. They are chemically resistant to many aggressive media.

After mixing the two components, Base and Reactor, these materials cure at room temperature within a few to several dozen minutes, and their mechanical parameters are so high that in many cases they perfectly replace metal elements. Due to their properties, they are often called “liquid metal”. They achieve their full strength parameters after a few to several hours.

Advantages of using epoxy repair materials: