Product description

Chester Metal Super Y is a two-component epoxy-metal thixotropic composite. It is designed for filling, rebuilding and bonding oily metal surfaces and in damp conditions. Cures under water.

Examples of recommended applications:

  • stopping leaks in pipelines
  • repair of damp and underwater elements.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Mixing ratio: (Base : Reactor) by weight / by volume1,5:1 / 1:1
Working life (at 20°C)50 min
Time to machining (at 20°C)6 hours
Full chemical resistance (at 20°C)after 7 days
Maximum working temperature180°C
Heat deflection temperature (DIN53462)62°C
Compressive strength (ISO 604)130 MPa
Flexural strength (ISO 178)92 MPa
Shear strength for steel (ISO 4587)18,1 MPa
Impact strength (ISO 179)6,5 kJ/m²
Density2,0±0,05 g/cm³
Package size0,25 kg, 1 kg

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