The main features of Chester Molecular anaerobic adhesives are:

  • excellent temperature resistance from -50°C to 175°C (group A, B, C); up to 200°C (group D); up to 250°C (group E)
  • durable sealing effect of fastened joints
  • high fatigue strength
  • well-thought-out labelling and packaging system
  • fast cure time to handling strength 15-30 min
  • high shear strength – up to 45 MPa (group D)
  • withstand pressure up to 120 MPa
  • excellent protection of fasteners against corrosion
  • approved for contact with potable water (PZH approval)
  • excellent chemical resistance.

Activator A: Activator for accelerating the curing of anaerobic adhesives and sealants, used with a passive materials or at low temperatures.