Product description

Very high strength adhesives, operating at higher temperatures

Examples of recommended applications:

  • Retaining cylindrical metal assemblies (hub to shaft)
  • Sealing of threaded and fitted connections at high pressures
  • Securing against loosening and corrosion of highly loaded threaded connections
  • Assembling bearings, gears and pulleys
  • Recommended for applications at high temperatures.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Breakaway torque* [Nm]20-4020-4020-40
Operating temperature [°C]-50 to +250-50 to +250-50 to +250
Cure time to handling strength [min.]15-2015-2015-20
Cure time to rated strength [h]114
Viscosity** [mPa s] at 25°C2100-33002100-33002100-3300
Shear strength*** [MPa]20-4020-4015-35
Flash point [°C]> 100> 100> 100
Density [g/cm3] at 25°C1,131,141,16
Package size [ml]10, 50, 250, 50010, 50, 250, 50010, 50, 250, 500

*according to ISO 10964 p. 3.3 **according to DIN 54453 A-12 spindle 2, A-36, A-80 spindle 3 ***according to DIN 54452

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