Product description

Chester Surface Protector BS is a thixotropic material contains fillers in the form of small corundum balls, it is characterized by outstanding resistant to abrasion. As a reminder: on the 10-point Mohs scale, the hardness of corundum is 9 and that of diamonds 10. Chester Surface Protector BS also has excellent chemical resistance. It can be applied to metal and concrete surfaces. Recommended in places where thick-layer coatings cannot be used. The minimum thickness of the coating is 1,5 mm.

Examples of recommended applications:

  • pump protection
  • protection of cyclones
  • protection of elbow connections
  • protection of centrifuges
  • protection of agitators
  • protection of chutes.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Mixing ratio: (Base : Reactor) by weight / by volume4:1 / 5:1
Working life (at 20°C)40 min
Shear strength for steel (ISO 4587)22,0 MPa
Full chemical resistance (at 20°C)after 7 days
Maximum working temperature120°C
Density2,23±0,05 g/cm³
Package size1 kg

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