Product description

Copper Paste PM-1200. Manufactured on the basis of highly refined mineral oils and synthetic grease with the addition of copper. Free from lead. Resistant to very high temperatures and pressures. Contains corrosion inhibitors, antioxidant additives and adhesion increasing additives. Effective in static applications as well as in lubrication of details exposed to jitters and vibrations. Resistant to acids, bases and steam. PM-1200 prevents seizing of threaded and bolt connections operating at high temperatures. It protects cooperating parts against corrosion and seizing. PM-1200 does not melt and does not drip.

Product advantages:

  • facilitates disassembly even after long work in very high temperatures
  • resistant to high pressures and corrosive environments
  • effective up to + 1200°C
  • reduces component wear
  • extends the life of cooperating elements
  • reduces disassembly costs.


  • assembly of threaded connections exposed to high temperatures and adverse environmental conditions
  • lubrication of bed and guides
  • assembly of bolt connections
  • lubrication of splined and articulated joins
  • lubrication of brake system components
  • lubrication of highly loaded mechanisms operating at high temperatures.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).


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