Product description

Anti-seize paste (aerosol) F11. Product based on high-quality oil and non-melting bentonite thickener. It contains aluminum microparticles, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants and adhesive additives. Protects threaded connections against seizure, facilitates disassembly. Protects against seizing and corrosion. Reduces wear of mating surfaces. By extending the life of cooperating elements, it lowers the costs associated with disassembly. It is resistant to alkalis, acids and water, including sea water. Free from copper.

Product advantages:

  • enables easy disassembly even after long operation at very high temperatures
  • resistant to high pressures and corrosive environments
  • effective up to + 1100°C
  • reduces component wear
  • extends the life of cooperating elements
  • reduces costs related to disassembly.


  • assembly of threaded connections
  • lubrication of splined joints
  • lubrication of guides
  • lubrication of the tension members systems
  • lubrication of lathe bed
  • lubrication of pins
  • lubrication of exhaust system components
  • securing elements in injection molds
  • lubrication of foundry tooling
  • lubrication of brake system components.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).


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