Product description

Ceramic paste PC-1400. It is based on highly refined mineral oils and a non-melting inorganic thickener with high content of ceramic fillers. Free from lead. It is resistant to alkalis, acids and water, also sea water. Can be exposed to steam. It is a preparation designed for assembly and lubrication of joints made of steel, high-alloy steels, copper and aluminum alloys operating at high temperatures.

Product advantages:

  • enables easy disassembly even after long operation at very high temperatures
  • resistant to high pressures and corrosive environments
  • effective up to + 1400°C
  • reduces component wear
  • extends the life of cooperating elements
  • reduces costs related to disassembly.


  • assembly of threaded connections exposed to high temperatures and adverse environmental conditions
  • lubrication of bed and guides
  • lubrication of the tensile member systems
  • lubrication of brake system components.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).


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