Product description

Chester Elastomer 75F, Chester Elastomer 75T

Hardness 75 ShA

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Chester Elastomer75F75T
Mixing ratio Base : Reactorentire packageentire package
Working life at 20°C [min]66
Functional cure time at 20°C [h]66
Time to chemical cure at at 20°C [days]77
Maximum operating temperature – dry [°C]120120
Hardness DIN 53505 [ShA]7575
Tensile strength ISO R 1798 [MPa]3030
Elongation ASTM 412-61 T [%]300300
Shear strength – steel ISO 4587 [MPa]6,26,2
Density [g/cm3]1,191,19
Package size [kg]0,1, 0,20,1, 0,2

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