Product description

Designed to remove carbon deposits, sediments, solid petroleum contamination (grease) from steel and cast iron. For cleaning machine parts, engines, tanks and vehicle chassis. Degreases. Suitable for closed circuit cleaning. Removes organic pollutants. For cold and hot cleaning (up to 70oC).

Pressure washing:
Dilution 1:15 heavy soiling up to 1:50 light soiling.

Washing in tubs:
Dilution 1:15 heavy soiling up to 1:40 light soiling.

Low-foaming. Contains corrosion inhibitors. Do not allow the solution to dry out – washed surfaces should be rinsed with water. Do not use on aluminum alloy surfaces. Before using it on surfaces made of magnesium and its alloys, paint coatings, glass, ceramics and rubbers a test should be performed on a small area.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

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