Product description

CH-10 cyanoacrylate adhesive is resistant to high temperature, vibrations and high air humidity (up to 95%). During heat aging, its strength increases to 150% of its initial strength. Bonds metals, plastics, rubbers and elastomers. It is characterized by high viscosity. Contains rubber to strengthen the connection.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Product nameCH-10
Propertiesresistant to high temperatures, vibrations and high air humidity, contains a rubber that strengthens the joint
Viscosity [mPa s]2700-3900
Curing time [s] – steel
Curing time [s] – PVC35-100
Curing time [s] – polycarbonate20-90
Shear strength [MPa] – steel
Shear strength [MPa] – PVC5-10
Shear strength [MPa] – polycarbonate5-10
Maximum gap size [mm]0,3


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