Product description

Chester Coating E1 is a two-component, fluid coating material applied by airless spaying. It can also be applied with a brush. The material contains modified epoxy-novolac resins, mineral fillers and anti-corrosive pigments. With Chester Coating E2 is a system for the protection of metal and concrete surfaces against corrosion, weather conditions and some chemicals, also at elevated temperatures. The product contains 100% solids. Cures at room temperature.

Examples of recommended applications:

  • protection of flues
  • protection of pipelines
  • protection of storage tanks
  • protection of sewers and sewage tanks.

The recommended complete system consists of a Chester Coating E1 as a primer and a Chester Coating E2 as a top coat. The product can also be used in combination with other Chester coating products or alone.

For complete technical information see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Technical data

Mixing ratio: (Base : Reactor) by weight / by volume5:1 / entire package
Working life (at 20°C)45 min
Shear strength for steel (ISO 4587)18,0 MPa
Full chemical resistance (at 20°C)after 7 days
Maximum working temperature150°C
Density1,22±0,05 g/cm³
Package size6 kg, 20 kg

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