Chester Molecular cyanoacrylate adhesives are one-component adhesives with a very universal application.

Used for plastic, rubber, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, paper, fabric, leather. They cure very quickly under the influence of moisture in the air. Initiating a polymerization reaction and obtaining initial strength lasts from a few to several seconds. The best results of joining are obtained at room temperature, with relative humidity of 50-60%. Chester Molecular cyanoacrylate adhesives help to receive durable joints of different materials and properties. The use of the CH-2 primer allows the bonding of polyolefins and silicone gums.


One component, cure cold under the influence of condensed moisture on the adhesive surface, do not contain solvents.


Fast cure

High strength

High durability

No shrinkage weld

Economic consumption

Ease of application – apply only on one surface

Possibility of gluing different materials

Aesthetic, clean, little visible welds

  • CH-2

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  • CH-54

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  • CH-10

  • CH-01

  • CH-06