Elastomeric polymers

Chester Elastomers are two-element liquid (75F, 85F, 95F, ) and thixotropy paste (75T, 85T, 95T,  80 TR) materials.

Chester Elastomers may be used for the following reasibs:

  • Reconstruction of rubber flights and rolls in belt conveyors.
  • Production of non-typical seals and shapes.
  • Reconstruction of gummed pump barrels and rotors.
  • Reconstruction of rubber rolls and tank rubber surfaces.
  • Production and restoration of rubber lining in ball mills, charging hoppers, and sieves for hard material screening.
  • Refilling of all defects in rubber, and production of elastic joints (non-feasible with molecular metals application).

Chester Elastomers, basic informations

  • EL 10M

  • Placeholder

    Chester Elastomer 95 ShA

  • Chester Elastomer 75 ShA

  • Chester Elastomer 80 ShA

  • EL 20M

  • Chester Elastomer 85 ShA