Cleanrex RM


Cleanrex RM is low foaming detergent and degreasing. The concentrate micro-emulsion based surface active agents, esters of fatty acids, wetting agents, water softeners. It is an excellent alternative to strong alkaline cleaning agents and preparations based on hydrocarbon solvents. Cleanrex RM is non-flammable, has a delicate flavor, slightly alkaline pH and is water-soluble. This preparation is inert coatings, plastics and non-ferrous metals. It does not cause corrosion of metals. It does not contain carcinogenic and mutagenic


Removing heavy industrial pollution, stains of oils, lubricants, anti-corrosive preparations and other hard washable dirt eg. Asphalt, tar, glue, etc.
Cleanrex RM is used to clean metal and plastic, machine parts, pumps, mixers oil, industrial flooring and road transport fleet.

For complete technical information on this product consult the Technical Data Sheet (TDS):